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Welcome to Sterling Silver Designs by Jamie Leigh!

While you’re diligently searching for a unique piece of jewelry, you’ll find that every single item listed on my site is authentic, although inspired by other products. My artwork is defined by three aspects: 


  • Handmade

Each piece is handmade, providing exclusive conception. A pair of earrings will have minute differences, and reproductions of the same necklace, bracelet, or set of earrings will be different from the first, even though they look similar.

  • Sterling Silver

All products are designed with genuine sterling silver, unless otherwise noted.  Sterling silver is a beautiful, yet sturdy, non-reactive metal. What does this mean? Jewelry is created to last and findings show that most people have no reaction to silver, unlike many other commonly used metals.

  • Custom-created

All products can be altered to create a specially designed and personal piece. You may choose a different color, different gemstone, different look, or you may even design your own. Base prices are set merely as a foundation and minimum price. Feel free to inquire about creating your own design.  New designs are added frequently. So check back often or contact me directly if you cannot find what you are looking for today!